Hanoi Motorbike Tours of Motorbike Tour Expert: Testimonials

Hanoi Motorbike Tours of Motorbike Tour Expert: Testimonials

Hanoi is an awesome city with a lot of history. The Old Quarter is like a blast from the past, with old buildings and streets that go back to the 14th century. But Hanoi is not just about the old stuff. It’s also about other super cool and crazy things to do for travellers. Since you’re looking to explore Hanoi city in a unique way and really get a feel for the local culture, history, and scenery then you gotta try a motorbike tour. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you all about my experience booking a motorbike tour with Motorbike Tour Expert. Timefx will let you know what to expect on their tours and why they’re totally worth the money.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour Overview

Experienced and friendly guides of Vietnam Motorbike Tours Expert will take you to the best spots in Hanoi. You can choose from different tour options, such as half-day, full-day or multi-day tours, depending on your budget and preferences. Or you can also customize your own tour if you have specific places you want to visit.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour Overview
Hanoi Motorbike Tour Overview

Seeing the ancient capital of Hanoi, enjoying delicious specialties, discovering new cultures, interacting with indigenous people here, traveling in beautiful scenery near Hanoi is everything. Everything you will be immersed in when participating in Ha Noi Motorbike tours.

What to expect from Hanoi motorbike day tour experience

Main highlights

Some of the highlights of these Hanoi motorbike tours include:

  • Ride through the Old Quarter and see the ancient architecture, street food and bustling markets.
  • Museum of Ethnology and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where you can learn about the life and legacy of Vietnam’s national hero.
  • Explore the Temple of Literature, which is the oldest university in Vietnam and a symbol of education and culture.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Hanoi from the Long Bien Bridge, which was built by the French in 1902 and survived the Vietnam War.
  • Checking out the rural side of Hanoi by visiting some traditional villages like Bat Trang pottery village, Duong Lam ancient village, and Van Phuc silk village.
  • Learn how to make top-quality ceramic products, enjoy a motorbike ride through rustic villages and rice fields, and discover the customs and religions of the Viet people living in the Red River Delta.
  • Visit some of the most beautiful pagodas and temples in Hanoi such as Thay Pagoda, Tay Phuong Pagoda, and Mia Pagoda. Ride a motorbike through large rice fields and some rural villages to uncover the hidden Hanoi.

Tour Includes

Motorbike Tour Expert provides high-quality motorbikes that are well-maintained and suitable for all kinds of roads. You will also get helmets, gloves, raincoats and insurance for your safety. The Hanoi motorbike tours include hotel pickup and drop-off, bottled water, snacks and lunch. You can also request a camera or a GoPro to capture your memorable moments.

What to expect from Hanoi motorbike day tour experience
What to expect from Hanoi motorbike day tour experience

Tour Prices

The prices of the tours vary depending on the duration, itinerary and number of people. For example, a half-day tour for one person costs $45, while a full-day tour for two people costs $80. A multi-day tour for four people costs $200 per day. You can check the full price list on their website or contact them for more information.

If you are interested in booking a Hanoi motorbike tours with Motorbike Tour Expert, you can visit their website or contact them via email or phone number +84.979.884.588. They will answer your inquiry within 24 hours and help you plan your perfect trip. You can also read some reviews from their previous customers on TripAdvisor or Facebook to see what they say about their experience.

The Real Hanoi Motorbike tours Testimonials

If you’re looking for a cool thing to do in Vietnam, I totally recommend the Vietnam Motobike Tour Expert. I did the 1-day tour around the Hanoi Motorbike tours countryside in April 2023 and it was honestly the best part of my trip to Vietnam. Our guide Kim, who goes by the nickname “One Job”, was awesome. He knew everything about the Vietnam road network and was perfect for our group. Plus, his English was really good and he was super attentive to our needs, whether it was about riding, accommodation, or where to eat. 

The tour takes you out of Hanoi and into the rice fields. We would make frequent short stops to get food or drink, or to check out a temple. Each time, Chung would tell us about the area and its history, along with some stories about his life in Vietnam. So not only do you get to ride around on a bike, but you also get a tour of the area and its history. Chung also knows all the best restaurants and cafes. Lunch was also really nice. Especially the spring rolls, they were the best food ever. Vietnamese food is really nice, not too oily, not too spicy, not too strong. The flavors are just right.

The Real Hanoi Motorbike tours Testimonials
The Real Hanoi Motorbike tours Testimonials

We started the tour outside of the Old Quarter so we didn’t have to deal with the crazy traffic inside the city. But we did ride through Hanoi at rush hour, which was a little scary at first. But Chung chose good routes and he made sure to go at my pace. He even gave me a jacket, helmet, pads, and gloves just in case. If you pay attention to the traffic and how people ride, you’ll be totally fine. The tour takes you on back streets, main roads, and even a bit of off-road. I had never ridden off-road before, but it was no problem to learn. 

I strongly recommend anyone who loves motorbike riding to go with Chung and Motorbike tour expert. It was a safe, fun, and overall unforgettable experience. Chung is a great storyteller and you get to visit some locals. Not only do you get to ride, but you get to learn more about Vietnamese history too.

Even though my trip was short, just 1 day, they still tried to make it the best for me. The guide showed me most of Hanoi, especially the countryside. It felt great to be out in the countryside, with the nice view and fresh air. It was really cool to see the difference in Vietnam.

Overall, I had a great time in Hanoi, even though it was just a 1-day tour.

In fact, I wanted more than just a good tour. I saw amazing sights, met friendly locals, and learned so much about this beautiful country. Just check out their TripAdvisor reviews and see for yourself. If you’re looking for the best Hanoi motorcycle tours, look no further than Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert. They’ll make your dream tour come true!

Common Questions about Hanoi Motorbike Day Tour

In this section, I will answer some of the most common questions about Hanoi motorbike tours and help you get ready for an amazing adventure.

Who are Motorbike Tour Expert travellers?

Motorbike Tour Expert travellers are people who love to explore new places, cultures and experiences on two wheels. So they are all about adventure, curiosity, and being open-minded. They’re from all sorts of backgrounds and all corners of the globe. They share a passion for motorbiking and a desire to see the real Vietnam, especially Hanoi city.

How many people will be on my trip?

Their trips are small-group tours, which means you will travel with a maximum of 12 people, plus your tour leader and driver. This allows us to offer a more personalized and flexible service, as well as a more authentic and intimate experience. You will have the opportunity to make new friends and bond with your fellow travellers, as well as interact with the local people and learn about their culture.

Common Questions about Hanoi Motorbike Day Tour
Common Questions about Hanoi Motorbike Day Tour

Are there any age restrictions for your trips?

Their trips are suitable for anyone who is physically fit and comfortable riding a motorbike. The minimum age to join our trips is 18 years old, and there is no maximum age limit. However, they do require that you have a valid motorcycle license or an international driving permit that allows you to ride a motorbike in Vietnam. If you don’t have one, they can help you get one before the Hanoi motorbike tours.

Can I skip some activities if I don’t feel like doing them?

Yes, you can. Their trips are designed to offer a variety of activities and experiences, but they understand that not everyone may want to do everything. You can always choose to skip an activity or take a break if you feel like it. However, please note that some activities are included in the price of the trip and are not refundable if you opt out. Also, please inform your tour leader in advance if you decide not to join an activity, so they can arrange alternative transportation or accommodation for you if needed.

Motorbike Tour Expert is one of the best ways to enjoy Hanoi on two wheels. You will not only see the sights but also feel the vibe of this vibrant city. Don’t miss this opportunity to join an unforgettable Hanoi motorbike tours! Contact them now!